Japan Day, from writing Hiragana to tasting Sushi

Japan Day, from writing Hiragana to tasting Sushi

A number of students crowded into UNS International Office’s booth in front of the central building of UNS to participate in an event involving international students, Saturday (4/3/2017).

Information about other countries such as geographical condition, the society, and the culture is valuable and interesting knowledge because we often have notable differences in many things. Sharing promotes mutual understanding. Moreover, information like that can be important reference or guidance for students who are interested in studying abroad. For that reason, UNS International Office designed the Sharing Day program, in which international students in UNS are given chance to introduce their home countries to other students.


IO UNS recently held Japan Day, sharing session with two students from Japan, Yuka Sato and Koharu Sagae. Yuka is a daughter of Indonesian-Japanese couple. She had been in Japan until high school and continued studying in UNS, while Koharu is a student of exchange program from Kokushikan University. Usually held indoor, this sharing session was at an outdoor booth in front of dr. Prakosa building. This event was held along with other events in a festival to celebrate the 41st anniversary of UNS.

A number of participants enthusiastically paid attention to the explanation Yuka and Koharu gave. They were also much curious. They had questions about education in Japan, the food, and the language. They were quite surprised knowing Yuka and Koharu speak in Indonesian language. As a matter of fact, they could speak Indonesian language well enough.

“I had only two choices of university for the exchange program. I picked UGM and UNS and got accepted in UNS”, answered Koharu, who has started studying in the Faculty of Cultural Science, when a participant asked how she got in UNS. Meanwhile, Yuka lived in Jakarta once, and her mother lives in Solo. She was interested in Javanese culture and decided to study in UNS.

When asked about her impression about Indonesian people, Yuka said that Indonesian people are more caring. “They are more caring, and they, like, can see if there’s something wrong with other people, then they ask what’s up”, said this Industrial Engineering student.

In this event, not only they introduced Japan like the language, the people, and the food, they also taught the participants to write Hiragana, one of three common types of Japanese letter. Participants were then told to write their own name in Hiragana, and the best writing would be rewarded. Since it was the anniversary of UNS, Yuka and Koharu also asked them to color a banner written in Japanese, saying happy anniversary to UNS.

After prizes were handed to the lucky participants, Yuka and Koharu presented one of the most popular food in Japan, the sushi, and asked them to enjoy the food.

Pramono, one of the lucky participants accepting the prize, joined this event because he was already interested in Japanese culture and wanted to know more.

“I knew this event from my chat group and I was interested in Japanese culture like the anime, so I decided to come”, he said.