Nuclear Weapons in 21st century: threat or propaganda?

Nuclear Weapons in 21st century: threat or propaganda?
Head of International Office, Taufik Al Makmun (first from the right), giving an opening speech

The costs and benefits of using nuclear energy have been a debatable issue in recent years because of some factors. Critics argue that nuclear is dangerous while those who are supportive claim that the risks are small. In Indonesia, the issue of building a nuclear power plant had once emerged, but a great deal of negative responses from society soon hushed it away.

To give more knowledge about nuclear power and its related matters to the students, UNS International Office held a seminar about nuclear energy, more specifically nuclear weapon, with Rafal Lipka on Thursday (9/7/2017).

Rafal Lipka (right) being introduced by the moderator

Rafal is a graduate of Economics and International Economics at the Warsaw School of Economics and is currently teaching International Relations in the Faculty of Social and Political Science. He was once a member of Casimir Pulaski Foundation, an independent, non-partisan think-tank specializing in foreign policy and international security, as an analyst of the Security and Defense Program. With his experience in such matters, he presented the seminar with the theme “Nuclear Weapons in 21st Century: Threat or Propaganda?”.


Upon talking about the account of nuclear weapons usage during wars and conflict between nations in the past, Rafal spoke about the development of nuclear weapons and the practical use, how the nuclear weapons were used as strategic and tactical measures, and policies and organizations related to the use of nuclear weapons.

Students attending the seminar listening to someone asking questions

The seminar was closed with a discussion. Students attending the seminar, who were mostly students from the study program of International Relations, Law, and History, seemed enthusiastic and actively participated. In addition to broaden their knowledge on respective matters, this seminar also made them practice their English speaking since the presentation and discussion were done all in English.