Organizing Info session, taufik Al makmun: I challenge you

Organizing Info session, taufik Al makmun: I challenge you

Supporting its students to be involved in academic activities in international level becomes an interest of most universities as it grants not only valuable experiences for the students but also credits for the universities’ advancement. UNS International Office as the frontliner of UNS for international affairs provides assistance for prospective students to participate in international academic activities. A number of programs like seminars, info sessions, and scholarship schemes are designed to suit the purpose.


An info session was held on Wednesday (9/6/2017) at the rectorate building. The session, themed “Do you want to study in the US?”, was presented by a native lecturer from the United States, Sean Stellfox. Sean was an English Language Fellow from RELO (Regional English Language Office), an institution under the US Embassy promoting mutual understanding between Indonesians and Americans through informational, educational, and cultural programs. He started teaching English in UNS in 2016 at Teacher Training and Education Faculty, and moved to the Faculty of Cultural Science in 2017.

In the session, Sean gave tips for selecting prospective campuses and programs in the US. He also told the students about administrative requirements and various tests mandatory for student admission, including language proficiency test the Americans commonly used such as GRE and GMAT, which many of the attendants, who were mostly last year students, had less idea about. Information on available scholarships like AMINEF-Fulbright and some others were also presented. Furthermore, to provide better understanding about the characteristics of universities and programs in the US, he exemplified by looking at his alma mater’s website, the University of Delaware.

The talk was closed with Q & A session. The most frequently asked question was about the language proficiency test, characteristics of certain universities, consideration in selecting programs, applying for scholarships, and technical procedure of getting into the unis.

Head of International Office, Taufik Al Makmun, in the occasion encouraged the attendants to take a chance to step in international academic affairs as UNS through International Office already prepared a scheme to provide financial assistance. “This is a good thing because we also have a program called UNS Global Challenge to help you with the funding. We have flown many students abroad. Now, I challenge you to be the part of international academic society”, he said.