Participating in orientation program, 9 exchange students in UNS looked around Solo

Participating in orientation program, 9 exchange students in UNS looked around Solo

Welcoming new international students in UNS, the International Office of UNS took the students around Solo to give them short introduction about the city and the surroundings on Saturday and Sunday (2/18-19/2016).

UNS keeps advancing its network with reputable universities in local and international level. A number of contracts were signed resulting in academic collaborations such as joint research, staff exchange, and student exchange program. In the beginning of 2017, UNS accepted nine students of exchange programs from three different countries. Of the nine students, seven are from Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry Vietnam, one from Kokushikan University Japan, and one from La Rochelle France. They will be studying in the semester of February-July 2017.

Accommodating these new international students, UNS International Office had a two-day orientation program consisting of campus orientation, city orientation, and culture orientation. This service was intended for the students to know the campus, the city, the people, and the culture so that they could adapt immediately to live in this Heart of Java.

On the first day, participants were taken around Solo to take a glance of the city and find out places of essential services. Accompanied by buddies from International Office, they got on Batik Solo Trans, an easy cheaply bus, to go around the city. They were introduced to the hospitals, train station, shopping centers, recreational spaces, and the town hall. Besides trying the BST, they also tried Becak, a three-wheel Javanese traditional vehicle, after visiting Mangkunegaran Palace.

The student from Kokushikan University, Koharu, stated that it was a good experience. “The city feels much calm for me, compared to Tokyo. It was good that I could go to the royal palace because I could know the history of Solo. And the bus is very cheap, only quarter of the bus fare in Japan”, she said.

The next day, they went a bit further to see some more interesting places they could visit while staying in Solo. Luckily, UNS is situated at an area where culture and nature meet. Students have many options of destination to go for a mind-refreshing picnic. That day, they were brought to Sukuh Temple, a Javanese-Hindu temple, and Jumog Waterfall, both located on the slope of Mount Lawu.

Although it was quite exhausting with much walking and the stairs at both locations, they seemed to enjoy their being there. “It was super fun. I loved it. I love waterfalls, and the temple was beautiful!” said Noemie, the student from La Rochelle who would be studying in Social and Political Science Department.