With PCMI, UNS International Office held an info session about youth exchange program

With PCMI, UNS International Office held an info session about youth exchange program

Opportunity for Javanese youths to visit other countries was passed on in an info session held by UNS International Office in collaboration with PCMI of Central Java, Wednesday (2/23/2017).

Through IO Study Abroad’s info sessions, UNS International Office tries to provide chances for local students in UNS to realize their dream of studying abroad. Recently held info session was about Youth Exchange Program (PPAN), delivered by Purna Caraka Muda Indonesia (PCMI) of Central Java.

As an association of PPAN alumni, PCMI keeps on sharing information about the program to other youths. PPAN is a program accommodated by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Indonesia, aiming to strengthen the bilateral bonds with related countries. PPAN is divided into 7 programs based on the destination countries, namely ICYEP (Indonesia-Canada Youth Exchange Program), ICHYEP (Indonesia-China Youth Exchange Program), IKYEP (Indonesia-Korea Youth Exchange Program), SSYEAP (Ship for South-East Asian and Japanese Youth Program), AIYEP (Australia-Indonesia Youth Exchange Program), IMYEP (Indonesia-Malaysia Youth Exchange Program) dan ASVI (ASEAN Students Visit India). However, this year, youth exchange programs to Canada and China are halted for certain reasons.

In the info session held at UNS Library building, the presenters informed in details about the program from the requirements, selection process, types of activities, to post program activities the participants should do when they got back home to Indonesia.

The requirements needed to join this program includes registration form, identity card, TOEFL certificate, certificate of good conduct (SKCK), and health check certificate. In addition, registrants must not have previously joined the program. Not only fair knowledge about local culture, good attitude is also property the selectors seek.

“The quota for each program is only one person, so it would be a tight fight. What we need are those with not only cultural knowledge and English proficiency. We also consider their personality”, explained Dwi Herbangun, alumni of SSYEAP 1994.

After the administrative selection, registrants must go through written test and interview. During the program, participants will have to do several activities such as visiting important places like museum and cultural sites, conducting a seminar and cultural performance, homestaying, having entrepreneurship visit, and doing internship.

Nailul Husna, one of the presenters, suggested that registrants prioritize programs that they are really interested in so that they will not feel burdened when performing their duties during the program. In addition to the previous suggestion, Oscar told that participants had better anticipate for any possible obstacles. “Expect the unexpected”, said the PPAN alumni from Grobogan.

As the PPAN participants get back to Indonesia, they are required to report what they habe done in the destination countries during the program. They also need to design a program or activity dedicated for the society as they have got valuable knowledge and experience from joining PPAN program.