Sharing Day #14: A story from South Korea

Sharing Day #14: A story from South Korea


International Office of Universitas Sebelas Maret held another Sharing Day, an event for international students to share stories about their country to local students. Held on Thursday (Oct 27 2016) in the 2nd floor of Library building, it went well and was attended by many students.

With Jeon Hyo Bin, this Sharing Day provided various information about her country, South Korea. Hyo Bin, also called with Indonesian name “Saskia”, was an awardee of Darmasiswa 2016 scholarship. She had been studying Indonesian language in UNS Language Centre since two months ago.


She shared many things, starting from the country’s identity such as geographical location, currency, language, traditional clothes, people’s housing structure, food, transportation, to more sensitive topics like the history of the separation between North and South Korea, mandatory military service for the youth, and plastic surgery trend.


Hyo Bin told that people wore Korean traditional clothes mostly on wedding events. There were mainly two types of house—one with roof tile and one with roof from straw. Roof tiled-house was commonly owned by the rich, while common people built houses with the roof from straw. Most women would want to look more beautiful by taking plastic surgery. She said it, as she knew, it would cost approximately 15 million rupiah for eyelid enchantment. She also showed how to travel around the city by bus and train. About mandatory military service, she felt sympathetic. “Some of them got stressed and fled away”, she said.

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The participants were quite enthusiastic, listening to Hyo Bin’s stories. Not only presentation, there were also prized quiz and Samyang (Korean ramen) eating competition.


A participant said she was glad to come to the event because she was interested in Korean culture. “I like Korean Boyband, you know, Super Junior, Exo. I also like Korean drama”, she explained.


At the end of the event, Hyo Bin welcomed the participants to taste Korean dishes she had prepared. There were Kimchi and Kimbap. Kimchi is a traditional fermented Korean dishes made of vegetables like cabbage, radish, scallion, or cucumber with various seasonings. The other one, Kimbap, is made of steamed white rice and various other ingredients rolled in sheets of dried laver seaweed, and served in bite-size slices.