Strengthening students’ literacy, Faculty of Cultural Science UNS held studium generale on translation

Strengthening students’ literacy, Faculty of Cultural Science UNS held studium generale on translation

The Faculty of Cultural Science of UNS recently held a studium generale on literature and translation. Serving as the speaker was Tenzin Dickie, a Tibetan-American who worked on translating many Tibetan literature works into English. According to Nia, a lecturer from English Department, the general lecture themed “Translating Stories from Faraway Places” was meant for students of English Department, English Education, and Mandarin Language Study. “We hope students can learn about translation of minority literature from this”, she pronounced.

In her presentation, Dickie told the attendants much about how she could become a professional translator, from the time she moved to America from India at the age of fourteen, her interests in literature works such as poems and short stories, to her decision to work on translating Tibetan poems and tales. She also gave tips on writing and her personal experience in dealing with problems in writing or translating literature works especially poems and stories. “There are times when we feel like we don’t know what to write, we’re not sure of what we’re writing, but don’t stop. Keep writing and you’ll find out what you are interested in to write”, she encouraged the students.

Tenzin Dickie, a writer, translator, and editor from the United States spoke in a general stadium conducted in the Faculty of Cultural Science of UNS

Dickie was one of hundreds of writers serving as speakers in Ubud Writers and Readers Festival 2017, an annual conference-like event for lovers of literature. Coming along with a rep from the committee of the festival, her visit to UNS was to promote the festival and encourage youngsters to strengthen their literacy.  This visit was in fact a part of their tour to several universities in a number of cities in Indonesia. “Aside from spreading good vibes on translating literature works to Indonesian students, this is also for her (Dickie) to learn more about Indonesia. After this, we’re going to Semarang and Jogja”, Ms. Saras, the rep from Ubud Festival, said.

Dickie, along with Jed (middle) from US Embassy and Saras from Ubud Writers and Readers Festival, receiving souvenir from the Faculty of Cultural Science UNS

As the event was supported by the US Embassy, also present at the occasion was the Deputy Cultural Attaché of the US Embassy, Jed Dornburg. US Embassy supported events promoting cultural understanding through various ways including lectures from American scholars and international festival like Ubud Writers and Readers Festival.

Nicholas, a student from English Department attending the general stadium said he was interested to attend the general stadium because it was related quite much to his study in the future. “I want to know more about translation because I’m taking translation as the focus of my study”, he said.