30 Overseas Students Accepted at UNS

30 Overseas Students Accepted at UNS

Prof. Dr. Ravik Karsidi officially inaugurated 36 overseas students, Wednesday (10/12). Those students are under the sponsor of Ministry of National Education (through Dharmasiswa and Kemitraan Negara Berkembang, and Beasiswa Unggulan Schemes), Islamic Development Bank (IDB) and Pasifik Ülkeleriile Sosyalveİktisadi Dayanışma Derneği (PASIAD).

“I believe you have made the best choice to study here at UNS,” said Ravik.

Currently, UNS is accomodating 98 overseas students, most of those are participants of Dharmasiswa Program. This program, fully sponsored by MONE, provides opportunities for overseas students to learn Indonesian language and culture. MONE also provides scholarship for overseas students to undertake Master’s degree at UNS, under the scheme of KNB scholarship.

‘UNS will also provide for well talented overseas students to do undergraduate study here,’ added Ravik.

Rector handed Student ID cards Ibrahim Ukka Huda (Palestine), Mahmood M. Kalworai (Vanuatu), Mokhachane Mots Elisi Pearl (South Africa), Baina Kristina Vasilyevna (Russia)
Rector handed Student ID cards to Ibrahim Ukka Huda (Palestine), Mahmood M. Kalworai (Vanuatu), Mokhachane Mots Elisi Pearl (South Africa), Baina Kristina Vasilyevna (Russia)

After inaugurated, all the overseas freshmen attended orientation week, organized by UNS International Office. Students are introduced to all the local values and norms, including those in non-academic areas. They are also introduced to the students associations at UNS, some of those have obtained international recognition. The student associations who presented their profiles were Christian StudentsAssociation, Islamic StudentsAssociation, Red Cross Students, Scout, Traditional Dance and Music Student Association, VocaErudita Student Choir, Student English Forum, Pencak Silat Merpati Putih, Taekwondo, Student Press, and Garba Wira Buana.


Overseas students were so enthusiastic that directly applied for the memberships to some of the associations.

List of New Overseas Students

No. Names Countries of Origin
1. Marwa Elsamalouty Egypt
2. Lebato Abelice Thobel Lesotho
3. Mokhachane Mots Elisi Pearl Lesotho
4. Neboja Djordjevic Serbia
5. Latileta Leba Odrovakaluva Fiji
6. Sumaiyah Menjamin Thailand
7. Agapito Tilman Timor Leste
8. Akmal Ungalov Uzbekistan
9. Maksud Khosimov Uzbekistan
10. Sineenart Sirivisooot Thailand
11. Muhama Lohmi Thailand
12. Cynthia Makeyiza South Africa
13. Masui Mika Japan
14. Elise Comte Frances
15. Baina Kristina Vasilyevna Rusia
16. Margarita Alekseeva Olegovna Rusia
17. Sabina Rehusova Slovakia
18. Nguyen Thi Le Chi Vietnam
19. To Thi Le Hoai Vietnam
20. Nguyen Thi Kieau Oanh Vietnam
21. Pham Thi Luan Vietnam
22. Pham Manh Vietnam
23. Nguyen Cong Danh Vietnam
24. Cao Tai Loc Vietnam
25. Li Mei China
26. Jun Chizuwa Japan
27. Khin Thida Win Myanmar
28. Horia Diaconescu Romania
29. Mahmood M. Kalworai Vanuatu
30 Ismael Vietnam