9th KPTIP Rector’s Meeting

Delegates from each of the 19 KPTIP-member universities met for the ninth time in Semarang from 8-9 July 2011. This meeting was hosted by the State University of Semarang. Professor Suparno, KPTIP Chairperson, welcomed participants and issued a charge to build upon the four-year history of the KPTIP, which was organized in September 2007 at the University of Pittsburgh. Jalu Cahyanto, of USAID-Indonesia, and Michael Calvano, Chief of Party of USAID’s DBE 2 Project, also shared opening remarks.

Professors John C. Weidman and Irwan Nasution, Coeditors of Excellence in Higher Education, provided participants with the first hard copy of first issue and announced two forthcoming special issues in December 2011 and June 2012. “We want to thank all of those who provided reviews and editing services to help to make this journal possible,” Professor Weidman said. “We are committed to providing editorial support for EHEwell into the future.”

Professor Jeff Milligan of Florida State University provided a summary of FSU’s DBE2 accomplishments over the past few years and also introduced its commitment to KPTIP and sustaining partnerships with KPTIP members. The next Rector’s Meeting will be held at the State University of Medan in July 2012.