CIMO Fellowships

The CIMO Fellowships programme is open to young researchers  (after Master-level but not post-doctorate) from all countries and from  all academic fields.

The scholarship period may vary  from 3 to 12 months. The monthly allowance is 800-1 200 euros. The  scholarship is intended to cover living expenses in Finland for a single  person.

No additional allowance for housing is paid. Expenses due to  international travel to and from Finland are not covered by CIMO.

How to apply?
The prerequisite for applying is that the  visiting researcher must have established contacts with the Finnish host  university.

Please note that a prospective  student can not apply for a CIMO Fellowship independently. The Finnish  university department wishing to host the student applies to CIMO for  the grant – in other words, the applicant must be the hosting Finnish  university.

There are no annual application  deadlines in the CIMO Fellowship programme -that is, applications may  be considered at all times. However please note that applications should  be submitted at least 3 months before the intended scholarship period.  Please note that although the application form is in Finnish, Swedish  and English the guidelines are only in Finnish since, as stated above,  it is the Finnish host department which applies for the grant from CIMO.

Application  form (Word)