UCN (UNS Cultural Night) is an annual event organized by Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) for foreign students studying at the campus. The purpose of this event is to introduce the cultural diversity of foreign students from various countries to local students and the general public.

UCN usually includes various types of art performances, such as traditional dances, music, theater, and possibly art exhibitions or fashion shows. Participating foreign students have the opportunity to showcase their culture through captivating artistic performances.

In addition to the art performances, UCN also offers food stalls from each participating country. This provides an opportunity for foreign students to introduce traditional food from their countries to event attendees. Visitors can taste various signature dishes from different parts of the world in a lively atmosphere.

UCN serves as an important platform for foreign students to share their cultures with local students and the community. It promotes intercultural understanding, cooperation, and friendship among students from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Events like UCN provide opportunities for foreign students to celebrate and strengthen their cultural identities while also learning about and respecting other cultures. This can help create an inclusive and respectful campus environment.