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Darmasiswa is a scholarship program that welcomes foreign students from countries with diplomatic ties to Indonesia. It offers the opportunity to study Indonesian Language, art, and culture at selected universities across Indonesia. This program is organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture (MoEC) in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA).


At its core, the Darmasiswa program aims to kindle an interest in Indonesian language and culture among individuals from diverse backgrounds. It’s a bridge that fosters understanding and cultural connections between nations, promoting peace and global unity.


Under the Darmasiswa program, students receive a monthly living allowance. Prospective students must complete their registration and document submission through the official Darmasiswa RI website. Additionally, the program provides accommodation and transportation during the orientation program.


To be eligible for the Darmasiswa program, applicants must meet certain criteria, including being foreign nationals, having completed secondary education, being within a specific age range, and demonstrating proficiency in English or other applicable language skills.

The Darmasiswa Scholarship offers an exceptional opportunity for students from developing countries to study in Indonesia. If you aspire to be a part of this program, please visit the official website for further information.