Medical & Pharmacy UNS are popular among Malaysian Students

The effort of being World Class University has been proven by Sebelas Maret University with its participation in Indonesian Educational Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia on May 25 2011. The exhibition aimed to attract International students’ interest to study in UNS. According to Agus Dwi Priyanto S.S, MCall, the secretary of International Office UNS, Malaysian students’ interest is Medical Faculty and Faculty of Pharmacy. Most students of SPM (equals to SMA/ Senior High School) were interested to study in Medical Faculty UNS due to its quality and the fact that the educational fee is lower than those in Malaysia. Studying medical in Malaysia is three times more expensive than in UNS. In Malaysia, it is needed more or less 300,000 ringgit while in UNS they only need 100,000 ringgit. The quality of UNS is proven by 26 Malaysian students studying medical right now. In addition, Malaysian people have already known the quality of Indonesian doctor.

During the exhibition, many students came and asked questions about the faculties. Even five of them have registered and many of them stated their interest in studying in UNS.  Agus said that UNS will has special test to select the International students in case they have a huge interest because they need to join matriculation for one semester before lecturing is begun. Thus, it is expected that international students is officially accepted with regular students from Indonesia.