ICE WaRM Scholarships

The International Centre of Excellence in Water Resources Management (ICE WaRM)is building international  recognition as Australia’s centre for leadership and innovation in  collaborative approaches to water resources management, through its  growing partnerships both in Australia and internationally. ICE WaRM  facilitates collaboration in water-related research, education and training opportunities for international scholars wanting to advance  their careers.

ICE WaRM offers a scholarship programme to  attract high quality international students to education and training  in water resources management, delivered by ICE WaRM partner  institutions.

The ICE WaRM scholarship programme aims  to:

* provide high calibre students with the  opportunity to study with ICE WaRM partners to further their knowledge;
* provide students with the  opportunity to participate in research and advance their scientific  knowledge in water resources management;
* encourage the exchange of ideas on  best practice within water-related fields;
* provide students with the  opportunity to participate in presentations, conferences, seminars and  forums on contemporary issues in water resources management;
* provide the opportunity for  students from organisations and countries currently facing major water  issues to participate in programmes which they may not be able to fund;  and
* demonstrate a commitment to  cultural change and diversity and the international sharing of knowledge  and skills related to water resources management.


Semester 1 (February 2011) – Deadline 27th August 2010
Semester 2 (July 2011) – Deadline 25th  February 2011

ICE WaRM offers two rounds of scholarships  annually, in February and July.
Applicants are able to begin applying  for current or future rounds at any time.

ICE WaRM offers full and partial  scholarships toward the cost of the programme (fee tuition). For  international students the fully funded scholarship is AUD$30,000 and  partially funded scholarship is AUD$15,000*.

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