IO Study Abroad: Interesting opportunity to study in Taiwan

IO Study Abroad: Interesting opportunity to study in Taiwan

As the collaboration between UNS and universities in Taiwan develops significantly, both parties try their best to maintain and strengthen their bonds by providing assistance in any consented act like funding for students’ scholarship. Bridging the stakeholders, UNS International Office through a regular program named IO Study Abroad, collaborated with Taiwan International Cooperation and Development Fund (ICDF) to hold an info session about scholarships in Taiwan, Monday (2/13/2017).

Taking place at UNS library building, the info session was attended by quite many students and lecturers from several departments. Acting as the presenter was Arif Misbahul MBM, alumni of TaiwanICDF and current chairman of ICDF Alumni Society in Indonesia.

Through his motivational explanation, he encouraged the participants to take the opportunity to continue study in Taiwan. According to him, studying in Taiwan was quite considerable because Taiwan was an economically stable country, a safe place with low crime rate, and a comfortable environment with advanced technology and affordable life style to study. In addition, there was an abundant amount of Indonesian people there, so Indonesian scholarship applicants shouldn’t worry about feeling like a stranger. Moreover, applicants from UNS would gain benefit in form of assistance and guidance from ICDF before, during, and even after applying the scholarship. This was as a result of the MoU between ICDF and UNS in 2015.

“We came here in November 2015 to have a seminar at the postgraduate program, and then we signed an MoU between UNS and ICDF, of which one of the consents was the provision of Taiwan Centre in UNS, which is now placed at the 4th floor of this building”, Arif said.

He mentioned in his presentation that currently there were approximately 6300 Indonesian students studying in Taiwan, and almost 70% of them were funded by scholarships. Scholarships were provided by TaiwanICDF and the Ministry of Education. Recently, Taiwan provided a quota of scholarship for 300 students, and this year, he said the quota was doubled, thus giving more chances for more applicants. Upon applying for the scholarship, he suggested that applicants prioritize to select programs that were taught in English at the desired university to minimize language issue.

Further, he hoped that more Indonesian students would be interested to go studying in Taiwan and the selection process could be conducted in the universities in Indonesia to ease the students. “I hope, in the future, representatives from Taiwan can come here and have the selection done here”, he said at the end of the presentation.