IO Study Abroad: Study in US and Delaware University

IO Study Abroad: Study in US and Delaware University


Supporting the spirit of Universitas Sebelas Maret as world class university, UNS International Office keeps trying to assist the students by providing adequate information to get access to global education such as scholarship, student exchange, short course, and other opportunities.

IO Study Abroad is the realization of the idea of providing aids for overseas education. It is a program where personnel from allied institutions like foreign universities, embassy, and government are invited to share information about chances for global education and further needed information.

The most recent IO Study Abroad was conducted on Tuesday, November 8 2016. Two speakers were invited, Muhammad Iqbal from US Embassy and Amanda Stevens from Delaware University, US.

Muhammad Iqbal is EducationUSA Advicer in US Embassy in Jakarta. Besides speaking of his own experience studying in Texas A&M University and personal tips & tricks to study in the USA, he shared about several scholarships like Fullbright, USAID Prestasi, LPDP, and how to apply. He also declared support from US Embassy upon those who wanted to study in the USA and asserted them not to hesitate to contact US Embassy for any guide to study in the USA.

Amanda Stevens is a graduate assistant and a part-time tutor at the University of Delaware English Language Institute. She described some programs of the university and how to get access to them. She explained that University of Delaware offers not only degree programs (graduate and postgraduate) but also non-degree programs such as Intensive English Program, Conditional Admission Program, and Summer Course, where registrants mainly study English. Interesting scholarships are also available in the university.

Despite few number of participants, the presentation went well, and students attending the presentation were active and communicative enough. Some looked much interested to study in the USA by questioning several technical procedure and personal study experience to the presenter.

For more information about scholarship, admission, and other important details, the following links might be useful:

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