Kemitraan Negara Berkembang (KNB) Scholarship

Kemitraan Negara Berkembang (KNB) scholarship is a developing countries partnership program on scholarship provided for the Master’s Degree Program at selected universities in Indonesia for 3 years period. Since 1993, the Indonesian Government has been offering the KNB Scholarship to Master’s Degree candidates from the developing countries all around the world, particularly for those who attempt to develop career in the educational institution and government institution, aiming to actively endorse the human resources development internationally.
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The scholarship is offered to postgraduate students (Master Degree) to study at one of the universities in Indonesia for 3 years, consisting of one year of the Indonesian Language and Preparatory Programs and 2 years of Master Program with the arrangement below.

1. All academic programs (lectures and thesis) will be conducted in Indonesian Language.
2. Period of Study:
o 8 months of Indonesian Language Program
o 4 months of Preparatory Program
o 24 months (4 semesters) of Master Programs
3. Scholarship Coverage:
o Living Allowance
o Research and book allowances (will be given during the Master Program)
o Health insurance
o Round trip international ticket
How To Apply
General Requirements
1. Maximum of age is 35 years old;
2. Posses a bachelor degree or equivalent;
3. Have a TOEFL score of 450 or equivalent;
4. Submit completed application form; and
5. Must be nominated by the Indonesian Embassy;
Required Documents
1. A nomination Letter from the Indonesian Embassy;
2. A nomination letter from the respective government official;
3. 2 (two) Academic Recommendation Letters;
4. A scanned passport or birth certificate;
5. A scanned bachelor certificate and academic transcript (in English) ;
6. A scanned TOEFL score certificate obtained within the last 2 Years;
7. A scanned Medical Statement;
8. Photograph.
Enrollment Procedure
1. Download an Invitation letter from the KNB Scholarship website;
2. Submit the Invitation letter, Passport or Birth Certificate, Academic Certificates and Academic Transcripts to the Indonesian Embassy;
3. The Indonesian Embassy will conduct an assestment to the application in order to issue a Nomination Letter;
4. Apply the KNB Scholarship program on line;
5. The Selection Results will be published in the KNB Scholarship Website and through the Indonesian Embassy Publication channel;
Online Application

Important Dates
• The application process will be commenced in January and must be completed not later than 31st March;
• The selection process will be conducted in April;
• The selection result will be announced in May;
• The students will be expected to depart to Indonesia by the end of August;
• The Orientation and Indonesian language course will start in early September.
1. The students are expected to have a valid passport minimum for 2 years.
2. Visa used for joining this program is a Stay Permit Limited Visa (VITAS) that can be gained through the Embassy of Republic of Indonesia where the participants live. Furthermore, this visa should be conversed to get the Stay-Permit for 2 (two) year upon the arrival of the participants in Indonesia through the Immigration Office where the participants study. The participants are prohibited to use the Tourist Visa or On-Arrival Visa , since it will have effect in processing the Stay-Permit.
3. Students are strongly advised not to be accompanied by any family member. The monthly stipend provided is only appropriate for one person.


1. Can applicants staying already in Indonesia apply for the KNB Scholarship Programs?

Yes, they are allowed with following procedures:

a. Contact Indonesian Embassy in their countries to obtain the letter of recommendations

b. Complete the documents required

c. Deliver all of the documents required to Biro PKLN / Dit.Kelembagaan Ditjen Pendidikan Tinggi, and send copies of documents to Indonesian Embassy and Universities addressed.

2. How do students get the housing or boarding house in the destined university in their first arrival?

Some students or officers appointed by the university will pick up students from their first arrival (airport, bus terminal or train station) and help new students get the housing or boarding house.

3. Can students mastering Indonesian Language skip the matriculation and directly attend the master program in the matriculation period?

All students are not allowed to attend the master program in the matriculation period.

4. Are students obliged to have health insurance covering their lives in destined university?

Yes, students are obliged to have health insurance otherwise they have to join health insurance membership appointed by the university.

5. Are students allowed to leave Indonesia during their study?

Yes, students are allowed to leave Indonesia during their study with their own expense and under the permission and recommendation from the university.

6. How if students decide to leave their study and return to their home country before their programs finish?

As long as students are able to provide considerable reasons, they are allowed to leave their study before the programs end. However, students should bear all expense on their own including immigration process and airfare fees.