Living in Solo (Solo: A City of Culture)

Living in Solo (Solo: A City of Culture)

UNS is located in Solo, a city in Central Java, Indonesia which is only few kilometers from Borobudur, one of the world heritages preserved by UNESCO. Solo is well-known as the city of culture and the capital of batik. With its slogan “Solo, the spirit of Java”, Solo is determined to maintain and to preserve Javanese culture.

It must be very hard to live in a new country at the first time, but Solo is very easy to make friend with. Living in Solo means you live in the past and the future. The government is giving so much effort to preserve the tradition as well as develop the city into modernity. You will find Solonese are friendly to everyone especially to foreigner as Javanese tradition encourages us to be polite to everyone we meet.

Many cultural tourism resorts you can visit.

Kasunanan Palace (Keraton Surakarta)

kraton solo

Kasunanan Palace is the icon of solo as cultural city. The palace still has King, Queen and their noble family but the governmental system has been replaced by the major of Solo and the local government preserves this palace as Solo cultural heritage. It was founded by Pakoe Boewono II in 1745 to replace the old palace in Kartosuro which is about 12 km from Solo to the West. There  is an art gallery in the Kasunanan Palace to keep the reminders from the past of the empire like Kereta Kencana (the golden cart), various kinds of traditional weapons, leather puppet and many other antique collection that have aesthetic and historical value. (City Tourism Art and Culture Office of Surakarta)

Pura mangkunegaran
pura mangkunegaran
Pura Mangkunegaran was built by Raden Mas said, known as Pangeran Sambernyawa. It was built after the assignment of the agreement of Salatiga, March 13th, 1757. Raden Mas Said was then crowned as Pangeran Mangkoe Nagoro I. The Mangkunegaran Palace is divided into two main building, named pendopo and dalem. The most interesting thing from the palace is that it is made of whole teak wood. (City Tourism Art and Culture Office of Surakarta).
Radya Pustaka Museum
radya pustaka
Radya Pustaka is the oldest museum in Solo city. It has many collections of ancient manuscripts and books. There are antiquities, gamelan, keris, puppets, scroll of wayang beber, some Javanese and Dutch books exhibited in the museum. The museum has become information and learning medium for both domestic and foreign people.
Antique Market Windujenar
pasar windujenar
It used to be Triwindu Market and it’s famous for the old and antique stuffs that will spoil your desire of art. Many kinds of souvenirs and works of art especially from Old Java can be found. Officially opened on September 25th 2009 by the city mayor Jokowi, Windujenar born with the new building and concept, you will find this as the only place when shopping will bring you back to the old time. On the weekend especially Saturday night, there will be night market where dozens of tent will be jam-packed booth along the street in front of the market with special performance of ethnic music in the occasional time.
Laweyan Batik Village
kampung batik laweyan
Laweyan is batik industry centre region by the concept of my house is my gallery, the house has double function, a batik showroom as well as a batik production house. It is popular also with the architecture of the buildings which is provided by high hedge or fortress caused the specify fight alleys. (City Tourism Art and Culture Office of Surakarta)
There are also some annual art and cultural events held nationally and internationally:
Solo International Performing Arts (SIPA)
SIPA is annual performance of art which involve national and international artists. We can enjoy ethnic and contemporary dances, music, theatre from various countries. The event is held regularly with different theme every two year.
Solo International Ethnic Music (SIEM)
SIEM is almost the same with SIPA but SIEM has its specialization in performing ethnic music from Indonesia and various countries in the world. It is also held every two year after SIPA.
Solo Batik Carnival (SBC)
SBC performs various forms of Batik (traditional fabric of Solo) through carnival. Enjoy the beauty of traditional batik with various modification from different artists and batik lovers.