MS/PhD scholarships at SEARCA

The Southeast Asian  Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture (SEARCA)  was established by the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education  Organization (SEAMEO) in 1966 primarily “to provide to the participating  countries high quality graduate study in agriculture; promote, undertake, and coordinate research programs related to the needs and problems of the Southeast Asian region; and disseminate the findings of  agricultural research and experimentation.”  The Southeast Asian  Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture (SEARCA)  invites applications for its graduate scholarship (MS and PhD) in agriculture and related fields (including biological sciences, social  sciences, economics and statistics, forestry and fisheries,  environmental sciences, agro-industrial technology and engineering,  biochemistry, and development management).

PhD Research Scholarship Launched in November 2005, the SEARCA PhD Research Scholarship  provides financial support to a limited number of qualified PhD students  whose researches are relevant to the priority thrusts of SEARCA.

This scholarship  program aims to:

  1. Provide PhD students  the opportunity to use the resources and facilities available at SEARCA  and its network of universities for their research;
  2. Produce quality  research papers for publication; and
  3. Enable them to work  with SEARCA’s R&D personnel on mutually identified areas of concerns/interests in agriculture and rural development.

Eligibility  for the Grant
Any graduate student who is a citizen of any SEAMEO member country and pursuing a PhD in agriculture or related sciences from any university in  the world is eligible to apply for the scholarship.

The applicant must have already completed his/her  course work with an approved dissertation proposal and is ready to  conduct the dissertation research.The applicant’s research must focus on  any of SEARCA’s priority thrusts under the broad themes of natural  resource management and promotion of agricultural competitiveness.

Application Requirements
*Filled out Application  Form (see below);

*Letter of application  for the research scholarship;

*Recommendation letter  from the Dean of Graduate School of the university where the student is  pursuing his/her degree program;

*Dissertation research  outline/proposal approved by the Advisory Committee and Dean of Graduate  School;

*Budgetary requirement  for the entire research duly attested and recommended by the major  adviser and Dean of Graduate School;

*Certified transcript of  academic records for all courses taken at the PhD level;

*Curriculum vitae;

*Letter from the student  certifying that he/she is not receiving any other research grant from  any other institution. If partial funding has been obtained from other  sources, a certification from the funding agency indicating the amount  of grant and the items in the research that are covered by the grant; and

*Research timetable  indicating the activities involved in the research, the expected date of  defense and expected date of seminar paper presentation.

Application  deadlines are 1 April and 1 September.
Applications should be addressed to:
Dr. Editha C. Cedicol, Manager of Graduate Scholarship Department,
Baños 4031 Laguna, Philippines
PhD Research Scholarship
*SEARCA PhD Research  Scholarship application form

*PhD Research Scholarship  Invitation for Applications

MS/PhD  Scholarships
Its people are Southeast Asia’s most potent force  for progress. Hence,
agricultural human resource development has been  SEARCA’s primary goal since its establishment. SEARCA is one of the  “centers of excellence” established by SEAMEO. As such, SEARCA assists  SEAMEO member countries in producing highly trained human resources in  agriculture and related sciences to accelerate agricultural and rural  development in Southeast Asia.

Two of SEARCA’s activities that carry out  this mandate are the Graduate Study Program and the University  Consortium. Both activities are handled by the Graduate Scholarship  Department (GSD).
This degree scholarship was  initiated in academic year 1968-69 and aims to ensure the relevance and  responsiveness of Southeast Asia’s agricultural scientists and  professionals to global sustainable development issues.

The program provides support for advanced  studies leading to the MS and PhD degrees in agriculture, forestry, and  related fields. Thus, SEARCA aims to  repare grantees for positions of  leadership in developing economies of SEAMEO member countries.

Applicants may also view information on  benefits and privileges of scholars, places of study, application  procedures, where to apply, recruitment procedures, and conditions of  the grant.

Benefits  and Privileges The SEARCA scholarship offers the following benefits and privileges:
Financial Support covers stipend, tuition, international and domestic  travel allowances, thesis/dissertation support, book allowance, and  health insurance.
The domestic travel allowance is sometimes allowed to  support registration fees in training courses/seminars/workshops.

Discounted Accommodation. Scholars are  encouraged to stay at the SEARCA Residence Hotel (SRH) to meet other  graduate students of different nationalities. Scholars who bring their  families with them can stay in SEARCA apartments, also at subsidized  rental fee.

Assistance with Student Visa Processing. The  Center takes care of processing the extension of its scholars’ student  visas for the duration of their scholarship.

Computer Purchase Loan. This is given to  scholars without interest and payable to the Center in a specified  number of months through automatic stipend deduction.

In-house and Other Training Courses or  Seminars. Scholars may avail of these training courses upon request,  especially in fields related to their studies.
Official functions like  the weekly SEARCA Agriculture and Development Seminar Series are also  open to them. They are, therefore, exposed to exchange of ideas outside  their classrooms.

Use of SEARCA Facilities. Facilities open to  SEARCA scholars are the Center’s Library and Email Room. Scholars  studying at UPLB are given free SEARCA e-mail accounts and e-mail  access.

Participation in Sociocultural Activities.  SEARCA scholars are introduced to the SEARCA family through  orientation/welcome party. Being part of the SEARCA family, they are  invited to the Center’s summer outing, sportsfest, anniversary celebration, and Christmas parties.

Counseling. Scholars who are experiencing  academic difficulties and those with personal problems may seek guidance  from the Graduate Scholarship Department.

Places of Study Any of the following universities, as well as those that have  institutional arrangements with SEARCA, may serve as study posts of  SEARCA MS and PhD scholars:
*University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB)Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines

*Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia

*Kasetsart University (KU)Bangkok, Thailand

*Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB)Bogor, Indonesia

*University of the Philippines Diliman (UPD)Quezon City, Philippines

*University of the Philippines Visayas (UPV)Miag-ao, Iloilo, Philippines

*Thammasat UniversityThailand

*National University of SingaporeSingapore

*University of IndonesiaJakarta, Indonesia

*Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM)Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Five of these  universities are members of the Southeast Asian University Consortium for Graduate Education in  Agriculture and Natural Resources.SEARCA serves as the Secretariat of the University Consortium.

SEARCA reserves the right to make the final  decision on the choice of ten scholars’ study post. Therefore,  applicants are required to submit to SEARCA applications for admission  to the Graduate Schools of three universities in the list.
Where to Apply :

Brunei Darussalam
THE  PERMANENT SECRETARY Ministry of EducationBandar Seri Begawan BB  3510Brunei DarussalamTel: (673-2) 381 060Fax: (673-2) 380 101

THE DIRECTOR OF AGRICULTURE Department of  AgricultureMinistry of Industry and Primary ResourcesOld Airport Berakas  BB 3510 Brunei DarussalamTel: (673-2) 380 144 Fax: (673-2) 382 226

THE DIRECTOR OF FORESTRYDepartment of  ForestryMinistry of Industry and Primary ResourcesJalan Menteri  BesarBandar Seri Begawan BB 3910Brunei DarussalamTel: (673-2) 222687 /  222450Fax: (673-2) 241012

THE DIRECTOR OF FISHERIESDepartment of Fisheries Ministry of  Industry and Primary Resources Jalan Menteri BesarBandar Seri Begawan BB  3910Brunei DarussalamTel: (673-2) 242067 to 8/ 243412Fax: (673-2) 242069


THE DIRECTOR Cultural Relations and Scholarship DepartmentMinistry of Education, Youth, and Sports80 Norodom BoulevardPhnom Penh, CambodiaTel:  (855-23) 820 268, 326 156Fax: (855-23) 219 576

THE MINISTER Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry  and Fisheries200 Norodom Blvd.Phnom Penh, CambodiaTel: (855-12) 211351,  211 352Fax: (855-23) 217 320

THE MINISTER Ministry of Rural DevelopmentPRIP  Office, 3rd FloorCorner Road 169 and Russian Blvd.Phnom Penh,  Cambodia Tel: (855-23) 884 160, (855-12) 938 072Fax: (855-23) 884 160


THE HEAD Bureau for International CooperationMinistry of Education and CultureGedung C. Lantai 7Jln Jenderal SudirmanSenayan, Jakarta 10270 IndonesiaTel: (62-21) 581 665, 582 954, 584 477Fax: (62-21) 573 6870

THE MINISTERMinistry of AgricultureRoom No. 3, 5th  Floor, Building C, Jl. HarsonoRagunan, Pasar MingguJakarta,  IndonesiaTel: (62-21) 581 665, 582 954, 584 477Fax (62-21) 573 8181, 572  0162

THE MINISTER Ministry of  Forestry and Estate CropsManggala WanabhaktiJl. Jen Gatot Subroto,  Jakarta 10270 IndonesiaTel: (62-21) 573 0213, 573 0475Fax: (62-21) 573  8732

Lao PDR THE DIRECTOR Department of  Planning and International CooperationMinistry of Education and Sports  P.O. Box 67, Lane Xang Ave.Vientiane, Lao PDRTel: (856-21) 217 927, 212  108, 216 005Fax: (856-21) 216 006, 212 108, 215 628

THE MINISTERMinistry of Agriculture and  ForestryP.O. Box 811, Lane Xang Ave.Vientiane, Lao PDRTel: (856-21) 412  340 Fax: (856-21) 412 341


THE SECRETARY GENERALInternational Affairs DivisionMinistry of Higher EducationBlock E3, Parcel EThe Federal Government Administrative  Center62605 Putrajaya, MalaysiaTel: (60-3) 8883 5000Fax: (60-3) 8889  1327

THE MINISTER Ministry of  Agriculture1st Floor, Wisma Tani, Jalan 03Sultan Salahuddin 50632 Kuala  Lumpur, MalaysiaTel: (60-3) 2671 5000Fax: (60-3) 2691 3758

THE MINISTER Ministry of Rural Development10th  Floor, Menara Aetna UniversalJalan Raja ChulanKuala Lumpur, MalaysiaFax:  (856-21) 412 341


THE DEPUTY DIRECTOR-GENERAL (Training)Department of Education, Planning,  and TrainingMinistry of EducationThein Byu Road, Botahtaung  TownshipYangon, MyanmarTel (95-1) 286 704, 289 538Fax: (95-1) 285 480

THE MINISTER Ministry of  Agriculture and IrrigationThirimaingalal Lane, Yankin TownshipYangon,  MyanmarTel: (95-1) 663 270Fax: (95-1) 663 984

THE MINISTER Ministry of  ForestryThirimingala Lane, Kabe AyePagoda Road, Mayangon TownshipYangon,  MyanmarTel: (95-1) 289 184Fax: (95-1) 665 661


THE CHAIRCommission on Higher Education3rd Floor, Development Academy of  the Philippines (DAP) BuildingSan Miguel Ave., Pasig City,  PhilippinesTel: (63-2) 910 0823, 633 2713Fax: (63-2) 635 5829

THE SECRETARY Department of   AgricultureElliptical Road, Diliman, Quezon City, PhilippinesTel: (63-2)  928 8741 to 65Fax: (63-2) 929 8183

THE SECRETARY Department of Environment and  Natural ResourcesDENR Building, Visayas Ave.Diliman, Quezon City,  PhilippinesTel: (63-2) 929 6633 to 35 / 929 6626 to 29Fax: (63-2) 420  4352


THE HEADInternational Relations Planning DivisionMinistry of Education1 North Buona Vista DriveSingapore 138675Tel: (65-6) 879  6036Fax (65-6) 775 2457


THE DEPUTY PERMANENT SECRETARY Ministry of Education Rajdamnern  AvenueBangkok 10300, ThailandTel: (66-2) 628 5647Fax: (66-2) 281 0953

THE MINISTER Ministry of  Agriculture and CooperativesThanon Ratchadamnoen NokBangkok 10200,  ThailandTel: (66-2) 281 5884Fax: (66-2) 280 1691


THE DIRECTORDirectorate of Tertiary EducationMinistry of Education,  Culture, Youth and SportsVilla Verde, DiliTel: (67-0) 724 4098, 723  4881Fax: (67-0) 333 9025

THE PERMANENT SECRETARY International Relations  DivisionMinistry of Agriculture, Forestry and FisheriesFomento Building,  Dili, P.O. Box 670Fax: (67-0) 390 325121


THE DEPUTY DIRECTOR GENERALInternational Cooperation DepartmentMinistry  of Education and Training49 Dai Co Viet StreetHanoi, VietnamTel: (84-4)  868 3620Fax: (84-4) 869 3243, 869 4085

THE MINISTER Ministry of Agriculture and Rural  Development2 Ngoc Ha, Ba DinhHanoi, VietnamTel: (84-4) 823 5804Fax:  (84-4) 823 0381 Application Procedure Any interested national of a SEAMEO member country may apply for scholarship. Applications may be submitted to any one of the following  Ministries of his/her own country:

* Ministy of Education

*Ministry of Agriculture

*Ministry of Forestry

*Ministry of Fisheries

*Ministry of Rural  Development Application forms  and information brochures on the universities that may serve as study  posts of SEARCA scholars are available at these Ministries.

Each applicant is required  to submit the following documents:
*SEARCA Scholarship  Application Form (2 copies);

*Application forms for  admission to the Graduate School of the universities where the applicant  may pursue graduate studies under SEARCA scholarship;

*Official transcript of  academic records of each degree completed (BS transcript for MS  applicants and BS and MS transcripts for PhD applicants);

*Certification of  employment;

*A two-page write-up on  agricultural competitiveness or natural resource management;

*A brief description of  the research that the applicant plans to conduct for thesis/dissertation. The research topic must be in line with the  priority thrusts of SEARCA. (SEARCA Five-Year Plan may be viewed at;

*Two copies of  passport-size pictures of the applicant;

*Certification from a  medical doctor that the applicant is in good physical and mental health  condition and is fit to undertake graduate studies;

*Official endorsement  from the employer;

*Results of Test of  English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL): score of 550 for paper-based and  213 for computer-based) or IELTS results (6.0). The TOEFL results must  be issued by Princeton, New Jersey, USA. Check the schedule and venue of  TOEFL tests in your  country at download copy of the schedule here .

Application  Forms
*SEARCA – download

*UP Los Baños Graduate  School (UPLB GS)

– UPLB GS Form No. 1 (Application) download
– UPLB GS Form No. 2 (Recommendation) download
– UPLB GS Form No. 3 (English Proficiency) download
*UP Diliman (UPD)

– College of Science download
– School of Economics download
*UP Visayas (UPV)

– Graduate Program in Fisheries download
– Graduate Program in Marine Affairs download
*Universiti Putra  Malaysia (UPM) –  Graduate Program download

*Kasetsart University (KU) –  Graduate Program download

*Institut Pertanian  Bogor (IPB) –  Graduate Program download

*Universitas Gadjah Mada  (UGM) –  Graduate Program download

Contact detail: gsd@agri.searca.orgor
More info: