As one of the quilified universities in Indonesia, UNS has afforded easy accesses and adequate information for the students who are eager to study aboard. The staffs of UNS regularly provide and distribute the information about the up to date scholarship programs.

The transparancy of  the official staffs and the well-advanced internet access of UNS have made it possible for all students to be well-informed.

Regular student exchange program offered by  univestiities in some countries. Due to the proved quality  and the high competence of UNS, some regional, national and international universities have trusted it as a proficient  academic partner to cooperate with. A number of  world class international universities had built cooperative partnership with UNS. The researchers of UNS had joined the internationa researchers in leading regional, national, and international researches.  Universities such as Al- Azhar (Egypt), Suez Canal University (Egypt), Cairo University (Egypt), TIRI (London), Florida State University (USA), Pittsburgh University (USA), Kyoto University (Japan), Kokushikan University (Japan), Ghent University (Belgium), Universiti Sains (Malay), and any other universities have built good partnership with UNS. Scholarship programs such as AMINEF (FullBright) (USA), DAAD (Germany), Monbukagakusho (Japan), National DIKTI Scholarship, ADS (Australia), BGF (France), and Chevening (UK) have been offered to the students of UNS. It is also the reflection of the credit of UNS that in each season of those programs  the students of UNS always participate.

It proves that UNS had been able to accomodate the needs and the passion of the students. UNS have also been being developing its official website in order to devote the International students who are eager to study in Indonesia information and access. The government of Indonesia had launched a scholarship program “DARMASISWA” in 1974  organized by the Ministry of National Education (MoNE) in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) . This program gives chance for foreign students to learn about Indonesian language and the culture of Indonesia as well. In the first place this program only offered to the students from countries joining ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations) but then it was extended to include the participations of students from countries throughout the world which have diplomatic realationship with Indonesia.

The participants in this program are increasing each year. Among more or less 45 universities in Indonesia which are participating in this scholarship program, UNS has been one of the  recommended universities. Hence, it is important to UNS to accomodate the applicants of this program. UNS have been being developing its website so that the applicants could easily access the information and requirement (form) through it.  Those efforts have proven and steghtened the serious passion of UNS to become “World Class University”.