A student buddy for an international student is someone who volunteers or is assigned to support and assist international students during their time at a university or college. A student buddy, also known as a peer mentor or student ambassador, acts as a guide and friend, helping the international student navigate the new academic and social environment. Their role may include:

  1. Providing guidance: Assisting with orientation, explaining academic processes, and helping with course registration and scheduling.
  2. Cultural integration: Introducing the international student to the local culture, customs, and traditions, and helping them adjust to the new environment.
  3. Campus resources: Familiarizing the international student with campus facilities, such as libraries, student services, health centers, and recreational facilities.
  4. Social support: Organizing social events, clubs, and activities to facilitate interaction with other students, and providing a support system for the international student.
  5. Academic support: Offering study tips, time management strategies, and connecting the student with academic resources like tutoring services or study groups.
  6. Answering questions: Being available to answer any questions the international student may have about their studies, campus life, or living arrangements.
  7. Friendship and inclusion: Being a friendly face, offering a listening ear, and helping the international student feel welcome and included in the university community. 

A student buddy plays a crucial role in helping international students feel supported, connected, and comfortable during their time studying abroad. They act as a bridge between the international student and the university, easing their transition and promoting a positive and enriching experience.