Sustaining MoU, UNS invites NCU to conduct recruitment of students for master and doctoral program

Sustaining MoU, UNS invites NCU to conduct recruitment of students for master and doctoral program

An MoU between Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) and National Central University (NCU) Taiwan was established on November 17, 2016. Both universities had pledged to conduct collaborations in a number of educational schemes such as student and staff exchange and collaboration in research and publication.

In addition to collaboration in research and exchange program, NCU had been conducting a selection of prospective alumni from Indonesian university, especially UNS, to study in NCU for master and doctoral degree, as what was conducted on Monday (Nov 6 2017). With the assistance from UNS International Office, NCU broadcasted the information about the recruitment. This was the second time NCU conducted the recruitment. Similar program was organized last year.

The recruitment was only to interview the candidates. A total of 18 professors from NCU were delegated for that purpose. Registration and document checking were done online within the previous week. Forty three people registered online but only 23 came to the interview. They were from various departments from a number of universities such as UNNES, UGM, FET-Sampoerna, and AKPRIND. Upon passing the selection, the candidates would still have to follow several procedures before they were admitted by the university. According to the Head of UNS International Office, Taufik Al Makmun, the recruitment procedure was rather exclusive between NCU and the candidates. “We (International Office) only served as facilitator, we helped spreading the information and prepared the event. Announcement will be notified directly to the candidates by email. They still need to go through more processes until January (2018). This recruitment is for those who are going to start studying in September 2018”, he explained.

Aden, a fresh graduate from UNNES Semarang, came to the interview after his colleague told him about the recruitment and enrolled himself. “This is my first time having an interview to apply for something. I guess this will make me more confident next time. I hope UNS can maintain and improve such partnership to support the students”, he said.

Aside from conducting recruitment for new students, the delegates were also scheduled to have a meeting with faculty managers of UNS to discuss possible collaborations in the future to sustain the bond between the two universities. After the discussion, they visited Taiwan Center and UNS Museum in the Libray building.

“We tried to provide support in order that many Indonesians, especially alumni of UNS, to continue their study abroad. We hope this recruitment will be an annual agenda, and there will be more collaborations in the future like general lecture”, Taufik added.